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A Resource Conservation and Development Proposal is an activity or project, which is adopted by

a RC&D Council as a method for accomplishing its goals and objectives. Proposals should be

consistent with addressing problems and opportunities identified in the Area Plan developed by

the RC&D Council. Proposals may entail a coordinating effort, an expediting effort, contributing

technical assistance, or the actual carrying out of a particular project.

RC&D Councils are important organizations in the field of natural and human resources and are

expected to have concerns and positions on major issues affecting the area. Proposals can include,

but are not limited to such activities as: land conservation, water management, community

development, recreation facilities, rural housing, health and education facilities, transportation

and communication needs, energy conservation, and economic development.



A proposal for an RC&D activity may be submitted to the Council by private individuals, agency

representatives, special interest groups, organizations, or council members and sponsors

themselves. Generally, the Council will not act immediately on a proposal, but rather investigate

the potential of a particular proposal thoroughly before officially adopting it.  By adopting the proposal, the Council makes a commitment to help move the activity forward to completion by assuming either an active supporting or leadership role in working with the sponsors of the proposal. Support of proposals by the Council may be in the form of providing technical assistance, financial assistance, or a combination of technical and financial assistance.  Proposal applications for projects may be initiated by eligible applicants through the local RC&D sponsoring County Commissioners or Conservation District, any appointed Council member, or transmitted to the RC&D office directly. It will be the policy of Penn Soil RC&D to encourage

applicants wherever feasible to initiate the proposal application with a local sponsor for preliminary review and comment on the proposal which shall be forwarded to the RC&D office for further action. In situations where the proposal is received directly by the RC&D office, an At-Large Appointed Council Member, or when the proposal is multi-county, the proposal will be copied and sent by the RC&D office to the respective local resource committee(s) and sponsor(s) for comments and recommendation, prior to adoption by the Council.

Upon occasion, situations or proposals may arise which are unable to be handled in this manner due to the quarterly meeting schedule of the RC&D Council. In cases where time is of the essence to capture project resources or provide support to a proposal which would be of great value to the RC&D in accomplishing it’s plan of work, the RC&D staff and/or RC&D Coordinator may approach the Executive Board for tentative approval to assist in the development of a project prior to full adoption by the Council.


To print out a fillable form proposal application, click the Word icon.




To print or view a copy of our five year strategic Area Plan, Click here


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