This is a coin for geocoin collectors who are also railroad buffs. You are buying an Unactivated brand new 2013 GeoTrain event geocoin in the original coin flip produced by The front of the coin features our nations symbolic Bald Eagle in flight over the outline of the OC&T Railroad primary locomotive  #75, an ALCO S-2 switch engine. crossing the bridge over Oil Creek near Titusville, PA where Colonel Edwin Drake struck Black Gold with the first drilled oil well in america. Built in 1947 by the American Locomotive Company, it's on lease from the New York & Lake Erie Railroad. It weighs 112 tons. Its "prime mover" is a 1,000 horsepower turbo-charged diesel engine. It powers a 600-volt electric generator, which in turn powers four electric traction motors, one on each axle. The rear side of the coin features the traditional Railroad crossing sign, the name of the GeoTrain event and the event website along with artistic renditions of geocaching by bike, canoe, and train.

2013 GeoTrain Event Souvenir Geocoin

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