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Penn Soil RC&D Receives Grant for Pasture Management Consultation

In cooperation with USDA NRCS, Penn Soil RC&D Council is pleased to announce an offer for Western Pennsylvania livestock producers to be able to receive a higher level of instruction to advanced grazers or producers interested in cover crops for grazing. Under a cooperative agreement between Penn Soil RC&D Council and NRCS, Russell Wilson is now available for training producers interested in an advanced level of forage and cover crop management. Russ has expertise in high stocking density grazing, grazing multispecies cover crops, stockpile grazing through the winter and multispecies grazing, e.g., cattle sheep goats and poultry. If you are interested to either travel to Russ’s farm in Forest County or in scheduling a time for him to come to your area, please send a request through your local NRCS field office to J.B. Harold or Tim Elder, NRCS Grazing Specialists. The opportunity to utilize Russ is limited so a first come first serve limitation and/or suitability of the applicant may need to be considered. There is no fee to the landowner for the consulting assistance or education provided by Russ Wilson. Penn Soil RC&D has entered into a contract directly with Russ Wilson to pay that cost.

Russ Wilson Bio

Russ Wilson, his wife, and two children operate Wilson Land & Cattle Co, a 220 acre farm in Forest County south of Tionesta, PA. They raise cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, and poultry by actively applying adaptive management techniques to ensure economic viability. Intensive rotational grazing is just one of the many techniques used on the farm to achieve their goals. Livestock is maintained on pasture as long as weather permits in order to reduce inputs, improve soil health, maintain livestock health, and produce a high quality product.

Russ Wilson photo.png

Russ is a member of the American Angus Association, The Continental Dorset Club of America, BQA, The Pennsylvania Angus Association, an Alumni Member of the FFA, and works with the local NRCS office as an Earth Team Volunteer. Russ also hosts on-site workshops to teach his unique techniques to other farmers and ranchers with a hope to make them better Stewards of the Land while also helping their farming operation become more profitable. Most recently, Russ was also a featured presenter at the 2015 Northwest PA Grazing Conference held in Clarion where he shared the benefits of his experience with stockpile grazing and soil health with over 150 participants.


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