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MSU Research Team Releases webinar on Economic Analysis of Carbon Forest Management Strategies in PA

Globally, increasing attention is being paid to issues related to climate change. An Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released in August of 2019 describes the important role that land and land use will play in mitigating greenhouse gas effects. [1]The report took a novel approach to the evaluation, examining both biophysical responses as well as socioeconomic considerations. The report examined a number of scenarios, what it termed Shared Socioeconomic Pathways.[2] The entire report is available here.

The report notes that "future land use depends, in part, on the desired climate outcome and the portfolio of response options deployed. All assessed modelled pathways that limit warming to 1.5ºC or well below 2°C require land-based mitigation and land-use change, with most including different combinations of reforestation, afforestation, reduced deforestation, and bioenergy"[3] The conclusion is clear - if the world wishes to achieve the targets most believe are necessary, then the world will have to become climate smart stewards of it's lands, and forests will play an important role in that.

[1] and [2] All page references in the IPPC are to the document contained in this URL. [3] p.26

Penn Soil RC&D is pleased to report that under a cooperative agreement with the Region 9 State and Private Forestry Section of the US Forest Service, we have been working with a research team from the Forest Carbon and Climate Program (FFCP) of Michigan State University to conduct a research study of The Economic Tradeoffs in Timber Products Under Various Carbon Management Strategies for Maryland and Pennsylvania. We are pleased to report that as we near the end of this first phase of the project, the MSU Team has produced a one hour webinar to report their findings as they evaluated a number of different forest management scenarios as compared to business as usual management strategies.


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