Penn Soil RC&D Management Team.

The Penn Soil RC&D Board of Directors is comprised of four voting members from each of the eight counties we serve.  The board meets quarterly to establish policy and review program direction.  The board also elects an executive committee of officers annually to conduct the business of the Council and work with the Executive Director to make decisions as necessary between Council meetings when time is of the essence in capturing resources for our region.

Chairman Jack Preston
Crawford County

Jack has been involved with Penn Soil RC&D for 20 years - 16 as a Crawford County Commissioner and 4 as a county representative. "I have been honored to serve as the Council's Chairperson for 16 years.  I also served as Penn Soil's delegate to the PARCD Council for 18 years--serving as President for 8 years.  I have also attended five National RC & D Conventions."

Treasurer JoAnn McCready
Lawrence County

Jo Ann has spent the last 27 years as the Lawrence County Conservation District Manager and has been involved with Penn Soil RC&D for 29 years.  She is dedicated to conserving natural resources and supporting local organizations and businesses in becoming sustainable.

Executive Director
Wes Ramsey

Wes has over 46 years of experience with USDA NRCS and Penn Soil RC&D working with landowners, units of government, and other organizations to conserve our natural resources and improve our quality of life.

Vice Chairman Jim Mondok Mercer County

Jim Mondok is retired and was formerly the  Manager of the Mercer County Conservation District.

Secretary Debra Frawley
Venango County

The study of natural resources and providing for outdoor experiences is my chosen field. The combination of experience and education gained to this point enables me to meet the opportunity to conserve, protect and plan the use of natural resources and outdoor recreational amenities regionally. The variety of my experience includes

working for the National Park Service, US Forest Service, PA State Parks, County level positions and non-profits. Career projects include conservation and outdoor recreation planning, project management, grant writing, watershed management, environmental education and branding..


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