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Allegheny National Forest Centennial GeoTrail Launches June 21, 2023 Let the Fun Begin!

September 24, 2023, marks 100 years since the establishment of the Allegheny National Forest. To commemorate this historic milestone, the ANF Centennial Geocache trail has been established to provide an opportunity to connect the American public to the outdoors, encourage families to explore the national forest, and provide educational and recreational opportunities for users of the trail. We encourage you to join the fun, enjoy the adventure, and learn more about your national forest while respecting and protecting our natural resources! The Allegheny National Forest includes land in four Pennsylvania counties (Elk, Forest, McKean, and Warren Counties).


All eligible ANF Centennial geocaches will be officially published on . Participants will need to be registered on to retrieve the coordinates and other location information. Registration on is free. Before setting out to find the ANF Centennial GeoTrail caches, you will need an official passport document. Passports are free and can be obtained by downloading and printing the passport document from this website

There are a total of 28 ANF Centennial Geocaches placed throughout the Allegheny National Forest. In order to complete the GeoTrail, you must find at least 5 ANF Centennial Geocaches in each of the four counties which include part of the Allegheny National Forest. Each cache will contain a unique laminated code word to be found in the logbook, to be written in your passport as proof of finding the cache. Please remember to write the code word on your passport before or after signing the logbook, and return it to the cache container when finished. The next person who finds the cache is also going to need it! Please remember to also log your find on after you find the cache and tell us about your adventure or anything that you found interesting during your visit. Please post pictures of your visit to the Allegheny National Forest as well with your log or on social media sites.

After a geocacher successfully finds a total of 20 ANF Centennial geocaches including at least 5 in each of the four counties and documents the code words on their passport, they are eligible to receive a free ANF Centennial Souvenir Token trackable on or a commemorative coaster while the supplies last. Presentation of the passport with a minimum of 20 validated caches from the ANF Centennial GeoTrail must be presented at one of the three offices of the Allegheny National Forest where the passport will be stamped and the trackable souvenir tag or coaster will be awarded. The passport is the property of the geocacher, to retain as a keepsake after the redemption process. Only one passport may be redeemed per registered geocacher identity on .

The Passport document will be available for download from this page beginning at 9:00 PM on June 20, 2023 and the 28 geocaches are are scheduled to be published on beginning on the following day (June 21. 2023). As the individual geocaches are published, geocachers may begin the quest to complete the Allegheny GeoTrail requirements and earn their reward. This ANF Centennial GeoTrail Passport download link appears below the ANF Centennial logo. Click on the link to download the PDf passport document to your computer. If it fails to open from the bottom of your window, it resides in your download folder and can be opened and printed from there. Happy Caching!

ANF Centennial GeoTrail Passport Document
Download PDF • 234KB

We have been notified that some folks are having trouble downloading the passport and we are working on it, but in the meantime, I have moved the link back to our homepage and it should download the pdf from the homepage link.


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